Sweeten Up Your Taste Buds with a Drop of Stevia Liquid

stevia caramel drop

Everyone loves a little bit of sweetness to perk up their everyday foods, beverages, and baked goods. Stevia can come in a powder form or the easiest form is an all-natural liquid drop that provides you with a convenient and calorie-free alternative to regular refined sugar. The drops are also a great healthy alternative for people with diabetes and sugar sensitivities. Drops are also easier to carry on your person or when you are traveling.

You can flavor many foods and beverages like yogurt, baked goods, hot cereals, and coffee with the stevia liquid drops. Stevia is much sweeter than regular sugar, so one little drop can go a long way. If you are baking with stevia make sure you always check the specific “stevia-to-sugar” ratio for that product. You may also find general stevia conversion charts on the web such as this one if a specific conversion is not listed for the product.

Stevia has been used for hundreds of years in South America, and the plant is actually native to South America. However, today the plant is grown all over the world in places such as Paraguay, Kenya, China, and the United States. Stevia is considered safe and non-cancer causing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in it’s purest form. It is a great alternative to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

stevia enzo powder liquid drop
stevia enzo powder liquid drop

Today consumers are now making better decisions about the foods and beverages they eat and drink. Special concern is regarding added sugars. Consumers are now more aware of the dangers of added sugars. The FDA is asking manufacturers and consumers to abide by new nutrition guidelines and a calorie-free natural sweetener meets all their rules. The best part about stevia liquid sweetener drops is they are available in a variety of delicious flavors to mix, match and add to your food and drink.